Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why Don't You Just Jump Out of an Airplane?

I've said it before and I'll say it again, climbing is not about getting an adrenaline fix. I'm not some danger junky that seeks out situations on the edge so that I can come home saying holy shit I was walking the line with death. I imagine like a painter or musician finds their true nature in their medium, I do in climbing mountains. It brings out a full sense of focus, puts me into a scenario that requires absolute attention of all the senses. I've strived for and achieved excellence in most the major hurdles in my life thus far though none has challenged me in as many ways or to such a magnitude. I've also been told that death is only a matter of time, for the most part these are opinions of people that have no comprehension or knowledge of the lifestyle. People that could not tell you the class of a climb any better than they could climb it. In a sense though they're right death is not only a consequence but an intimate friend. Like a fighter pilot it's a consideration that is weighed heavily, to ignore it would be naive and dangerous. I'm not suicidal nor do have a death wish but when it really comes down to it yes, I'd rather fall to my death while climbing a mountain than die of cancer in a hospital. But that's a little over dramatic. Next weekend I'm just going to head out and do what has become an obsession.

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