Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a General Lack of Motivation

Not only am I lacking in motivation when comes to writing up climbing reports, which at this point must be at least six months and 10 climbs behind, I'm lacking in motivation for climbing in general. This past weekend being the second weekend in a row that I didn't climb, I think it's a combination of many factors. This break coming after a sprint of around 10 weekends straight of climbing, all but 2 being overnighters. Obviously I needed a break.

To be truthful, though I haven't written any reports up, I've now climbed 4 of the most challenging/exposed/exciting 14ers and at this point I just don't have the motivation to climb anything that isn't at least class 4 or difficult class 3. I surely don't want to walk up a class 1 or 2 ridge with a bunch of tourists that drove their 4wd's up to the trialhead to bang out the hardcore accomplishment of the decalibron in summer, a capstone to finish off their 5th 14er. Fortunately the winter is coming again and the easy routes will be mostly empty.

After driving up to the capitol peak trailhead in my Lexus sedan I have a bit of a sour taste for any trailhead that doesn't have paved access or easy 2wd description. Unfortunately if the trailhead has paved access than I feel it's a waste to do the route in summer, should be saved for winter. I'm actively working to solve the 2wd/low clearance problem though, should have a solution by early next year.

I still consider technical climbing (that isn't required on an alpine route) to be a sport activity. This with the caveat that I'm not good enough to climb anything more hardcore anyway. Despite this I've developed an excessive preoccupation with gym bouldering. For the past month I've been going at least 3 times a week. I've really taken to it. At it's easiest its like climbing a 5.11 route compacted into only the crux. You step up and within one move you're already on an overhang with a heal hook. Anyway, the downside is that being new to the activity I have perpetual open sores between every knuckle on both hands. God I hate noobs.

Next weekend will be a litmus for motivation, haven't decided whether it'll be a day climb, maybe Longs or another overnighter. The following weekend will be the crux of my summer climbing, labor day weekend, 4 days off, 2 nights at Lake Como. Blanca/Ellingwood traverse and Little Bear.